06 Oct, 2019

  • Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 & Assam Accord - Polity
  • India home to Asia's oldest bamboo - Environment
  • CRISPR Cas9 Technology - Science
  • S-400 & CAATSA - I.R
  • Photo catalysts to degrade organic pollutants - Environment
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    Citizenship flare-ups

    The news highlights about Constitution Amendment Bill 2019 and various challenges associated with it.

    • About the Citizenship Act, 1955
    • Illegal Migrants
    • Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019
    • Violative of Basic structure as against Article 14
    • Subvert Assam Accord 1985 and section 6A of the Act
    • Wide ground for cancelling OCI registration


    India is home to Asia’s oldest Bamboo

    New fossil record has shown that India is the birthplace of Asian bamboo, and they were formed about 25 million years ago in the north-eastern part of the country.

    • Asian Bamboo
    • North-eastern India
    • Makum Coalfield in Assam
    • Role of plate tectonics
    • Importance of bamboo
    • Restructured National Bamboo Mission


    IGIB finds a protein with better precision in gene-editing

    In what could be a significant development, Indian researchers from Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology of CSIR have discovered a Cas9 protein that works with greater precision in gene editing technique improving the efficacy of CRISPR gene editing technique.

    • Cas9 CRISPR Gene
    • CRISPR for cancer and HIV-1 therapy
    • About CRISPR Gene Editing Technique
    • Shortcoming
    • Study by CSIR-IGIB


    How will purchases from Russia affect India-U.S. ties? 

    This article intends to analyse India’s decision to purchase S-400 air defence system from Russia and the consequent repercussions.

    • Russian S-400 Triumf missile system
    • Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act - CAATSA
    • Significance of Russian Deal for India
    • Sanction waiver for India


    IISER Pune team synthesises photo catalyst to degrade organic pollutants

    Scientists from IISER, Pune have come up with a cheaper alternative to degrade organic pollutants in water.

    • Photocatalyst-based degradation
    • Advances
    • Perovskite-based photocatalyst
    • Common organic pollutants and their harmful effects