14 Oct, 2019

  • Base Erosion and Profit shifting - Economic
  • Great Nicobar Biosphere reserve - Environment
  • Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey - Social Issues
  • World bank - South Asia Economic Focus - Economic
  • Nepal - China Road link - International relations
  • Practice Questions

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    Nepal China ink road connectivity deal  

    Nepal and China has concluded a deal intensify the construction of ‘Trans-Himalayan Multi-Dimensional Connectivity Network’.         

    • Trans-Himalayan Multi-Dimensional Connectivity Network
    • Nepal China Road link - India’s concerns 
    • Autonomous Region of Tibet


    Education of mothers directly linked to better nutrition for children

    This article highlights the correlation between education level of mothers and nutrition level of the child in India.

    • Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey 2019
    • critical nutritional challenges
    • Malnutrition
    • Stunting
    • Wasting
    • Nutritional determinants


    A tax policy that could work

    In the context of shortfall in tax collection the article is critical of governments strategy of increasing taxes (GST for instance) and provides an alternative roadmap towards taxing the MNCs.

    • Base Erosion
    • Profit Shifting
    • Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
    • Treaty Shopping
    • Round Tripping
    • Transfer Mispricing
    • Recent Agreement between India and USA       


    World Bank cuts India’s growth projection to 6%

    According to World Bank’s projection, in 2018-19, the growth rate stood at 6.9%. This year world bank reduced India’s growth projection to 6%

    • Reasons for present reduction in growth
    • World Bank
    • Growth Projection


    Foreign plastic invades Great Nicobar Island

    The article highlights the non-Indian origin of plastic litter entering Greater Nicobar Island threatening the Great Nicobar biosphere reserve .

    • Great Nicobar Island
    • Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve
    • List of Biosphere Reserve in India