17 Oct, 2019

  • India - USA - International relations
  • Data Localisation - RCEP - Economy
  • India - China Maritime - International relations
  • Global Hunger Index - Social issues
  • Study on nutrition intervention Social Issues
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    The operative word must be bilateralism

    The article analyses India’s strategy in the changing geopolitics of the world. In particular the article cautions against India tilting towards any one power, in this case US. The author prescribes for India change in its foreign policy doctrine from traditional non-alignment and strategic autonomy to multi-alignment and transactional autonomy.

    • India - US Relations in the changing world 
    • History 
    • Cooperation
    • Disagreements 
    • Present points of concern 
    • Way Forward


    Taking national data seriously

    This article has appeared in the context of the recent RCEP negotiations on the Data Localisation norms of the member countries. The RCEP negotiations are presently centered around preventing the member countries from imposing data localisation norms on the foreign companies and to allow free flow of data across the borders of member countries.

    • Importance of Data in new Global Order
    • Data Localisation- Pros and Cons
    • Data Localisation norms in India
    • Benefits of Data Localisation
    • Concerns related to Data Localisation
    • Way forward


    Agents of change

    The article highlights the direct correlation between the nutritional status of children and their mothers’ education as revealed by the Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey that was recently released.


    Peanut paste not a solution for severe malnutrition: study

    Recent study has shown that scare mongering over Severe Acute Malnutrition and interventions targeting the same are unwarranted.

    • Background
    • Basic Definitions and Status in India
    • Severe Acute Malnutrition (Severe Wasting)
    • Strategy to fight SAM


    India ranks 102 in Hunger Index

    In a grim reflection of nutrition status of India is ranked 102 out of 117 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2019.

    • About GHI
    • Key highlights of the report