31 Oct, 2019

  • WTO - developing country status - International Relations
  • Kundankulam Malware attack - Science and Technology
  • Pegasus - WhatsApp snooping - Science and Technology
  • Ghost cat - Malware - Science and Technology
  • Air independent propulsion system - DRDO - Science and Technology
  • RCEP - India's stand unclear - International Relations
  • Land acquisition law 2013 - Polity and Governance
  • Practice Questions

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    NPCIL acknowledges malware attack at Kudankulam plant

    Nuclear Power Corporation of India limited (NPCIL) has admitted that one of its computers has been attacked by Malware. NPCIL has also clarified that the malware targeted computer used for administrative purpose and was not connected to main control system.

    • Nuclear Power Corporation of India limited (NPCIL)
    • Malware attack
    • DTrack
    • ATMDtrack


    Upholding the ideals of fairness & rectitude (Article)

    Three Judge Bench each of Supreme Court in Pune Municipal Corporation v Harakchand M. Solanki (2014) and Indore Development Authority vs. Shailendra (2018) gave contradictory judgment on the issue of “compensation” in case of land acquisition under section 24(2) of The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013. The article also deals with the issue of recusal of Judge from Case.

    • Land Acquisition
    • Compensation – under Article 24(2)
    • The legal problem with compensation
    • Pune Municipal Corporation v Harakchand M. Solanki (2014)
    • Indore Development Authority vs. Shailendra (2018)   


    Still a developing country – WTO (Article)

    US president has asked for changing the WTO rules for changing the developing country status of countries like India and China and other countries. The WTO (World Trade Organisation) Agreements contain provisions which give developing countries special rights under the WTO framework. These rights are called “special and differential treatment” provisions.

    • Changing WTO Rules
    • Special and Differential Treatment
    • How developing country status is given?
    • Argument of developing countries 
    • Enabling Clause for developing countries (goods)
    • Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)


    Ahead of summit, Indian stand on RCEP unclear

    Ahead of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) summit meeting, which is expected to conclude the 16-nation FTA, India is unwilling to sign Free Trade Agreement as per Union Commerce Minister.

    • E-Commerce chapter
    • What is the RCEP?
    • What are India’s issues with RCEP?


    WhatsApp sues Israelis firm for hacking 1,400 users 

    WhatsApp sued Israeli cyber-surveillance firm NSO Group in federal court in San Francisco claiming the company’s spy technology was used on the popular messaging service in a wide-ranging campaign targeting journalists and human-rights activists.

    • WhatsApp sues Israeli cyber-surveillance firm
    • Israeli spyware Pegasus


    Ghostcat Malware hijacks mobile browsing information  

    Infection of Ghostcat Malware begins when a user visits a particular website and is served a malicious advertisement. Ghostcat fingerprints the browser to collect device information and eventually leads the user to malicious content.

    • Ghostcat Malware
    • hijack a user’s mobile browsing information
    • WAV (waveform) audio files


    Submarine propulsion system test a success

    The Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) developed an Indigenous Air-independent propulsion (AIP) technology for the submarines.

    • Indigenous Air-independent propulsion (AIP) technology
    • Submarines
    • Closed Cycle Steam Turbines
    • Stirling Cycle
    • Fuel Cell