05 Nov, 2019

  • India withdraws from RCEP - International relations
  • AYUSH system - Social Issues
  • Insurance of Bank deposits - Economy
  • Frog species - Environment
  • Stubble burning - Environment
  • Practice Questions

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    Saying RCEP will hurt farmers, India walks out

    At the recent summit of RCEP in Bangkok, India has chosen to stay out of the RCEP.

    • What is RCEP?
    • India’s concerns
    • Impact of staying out of the RCEP
    • Why India is interested in joining RCEP
    • China factor in India’s decision
    • What should India ensure before agreeing to RCEP?


    Fusing traditional medicine with modern

    The article highlights the need for integrating traditional medicine system with the modern medicine system. It further discusses the challenges with AYUSH system which hinders this integration

    • AYUSH
    • Advantages of AYUSH system
    • Challenges
    • Government steps
    • Way forward


    Enhancing insurance coverage for bank deposits

    The failure of Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) Bank has ignited the debate on the low level of insurance coverage for deposits held by public in banks. This raises concerns because it is normally argued that bank deposits are safe as banks never fail and one can always get the money back. In this regard, this article discusses as to how the safety of the banks' deposits can be increased.

    • Insurance of the Bank's Deposits
    • How to increase the safety of Banks' deposits?


    Compensate us, don’t treat us as criminals

    Supreme court has ordered that government should ensure zero instances of stubble burning.

    • stubble burning
    • Turbo Happy seeder
    • National clean air program


    Bengal’s cities yield new species of tree frog

    A new species of tree frog generally found in urban areas of west Bengal has been identified. It has been named as Brown Blotched Bengal Tree frog.