13 Nov, 2019

  • 2019 Mains Question discussion - Water Stress
  • GDP Estimation - Economy
  • BRICS - International Relations
  • Pneumonia - Social Issue
  • President's rule - Polity
  • Practice Question

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    The problem with re-basing GDP estimates

    The National Statistical Office (NSO) has recently proposed to replace the existing base year of 2011- 12 with 2017-18 for calculating the GDP estimates in India. This article highlights that presently there are certain fundamental flaws in the methodology and database used for calculating GDP and hence unless these factors are addressed, the adoption of new base year series for calculating GDP would not address the present problem.

    • Understanding the Basics
    • Recent changes in the GDP estimation (2015)
    • Highlights of the Article
    • What has been the response of the Government?
    • Way forward


    BRICS Bond Fund likely on agenda    

    PM Modi will attend the 11th BRICS summit to be held on 13th and 14th November in Brasilia, Brazil.

    • Genesis
    • Important Summits
    • Importance for India
    • Sherpa mechanism

    Pneumonia, diarrhea still a big threat

    On the occasion of World Pneumonia day, the International Vaccine Access Center of John Hopkins has released the Pneumonia and Diarrhea Progress Report Card.

    • Basics of Pneumonia
    • Causes
    • Transmission
    • High-risk groups
    • Prevention and Treatment
    • Targets by 2025
    • Indian Scenario

    Maharashtra placed under President’s Rule  

    Following the recommendation of the Governor of Maharashtra, the President approved the proclamation to impose President’s rule in Maharashtra under Article 356 (1) keeping the State Legislative Assembly under suspended animation.

    • President’s Rule
    • Parliamentary Approval and Duration
    • Scope of Judicial Review
    • Highlights
    • Provision suspended
    • Impact of legislative and executive power under centre
    • What should be the limitation on centre?
    • Conclusion