24 Nov, 2019

  • President's Rule revokes via PM's special powers - Polity & Governance
  • Patient with rare diseases wait for support - Social Issues
  • India US to sign industrial security pact -International Relations
  • Infants become susceptible to measles - General Science
  • Consumption Expenditure Survey - Reference
  • Clarification on Science on Topics
  • Practice Questions

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    India, U.S. to sign industrial security pact

    India will sign the Industrial Security Annex to GSOMIA with the US in the upcoming 2+2 dialogue in December. The signing of Industrial Security Annex to GSOMIA that will enable technology transfer from US defence manufacturers to Indian private sector.

    • Context: ISA to GSOMIA
    • India-US foundational agreements
    • GSOMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement)
    • LEMOA (signed in 2016)
    • BECA


    Infants become susceptible to measles infection earlier than thought

    According to a study done in Canada, the effectiveness of vaccines for measles varies depending on the source of antibodies for the children. As a result vaccination strategy should be designed accordingly in different countries.

    • Countries where measles is endemic (INDIA)
    • Vaccination strategy
    • In brief: Measles


    Patients with rare diseases wait for support

    About 190 patients majority of whom are children are suffering from Lysosomal Storage Disorders. These patients have asked for treatment support from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and their request is pending in the ministry.   

    • About Lysosomes
    • Lysosomal storage disorders
    • What are rare diseases?
    • Need for National Policy for Treatment of Rare Diseases


    Rounding up migrants  

    • Restricting entry of foreigners in India
    • The Passport (Entry of India) Act, 1920
    • The Foreigners Act, 1946
    • Indian Citizenship Act, 1955 on Illegal migrants
    • Foreigners (Tribunal) Order, 1964
    • Powers of Foreigners Tribunal
    • Why did the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunals) Act, 1983 fail?


    President’s Rule revoked via PM’s special powers

    After the election results, no political party could reach to an amicable consensus on post poll alliance to form government in Maharashtra. Accordingly, President’s rule was invoked in the state.

    • The Problem
    • Transaction of Business Rules, 1961
    • Special Powers of PM under Transaction of Business Rules
    • Central Secretariat
    • Cabinet Committees