29 Nov, 2019

  • India's Food Basket Must be Enlarged - Social Issue
  • Widening Gap - Emission Gap Report (Editorial) Environment
  • Google Warned 500 Indians on Phishing (Science & Technology)
  • Nod for Defence Purchase Worth Rs. 22,800 crores Science & Technology
  • Not as you say, but as you do (India Sri Lanka) Reference International Relations
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    Google warned 500 Indians on phishing

    Between July and September this year, more 12000 users of Google account were victims of government-backed phishing attacks, out of which 500 were Indian users, according to Threat Analysis Group of Google.

    • Why do governments sponsor phishing attacks?
    • Targets
    • What is Phishing?
    • Modus-operandi
    • Objective: Identity theft and financial fraud
    • Other Cyber Crimes against Individuals


    Widening gap    

    The annual United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) flagship Emissions Gap Report is now online. But what is this report really about? And why should you care? Keep reading to find out more.

    • What is the “Emissions Gap”?
    • Why does the Emissions Gap Matter? 
    • What does the Emissions Gap Report measure?
    • How are we doing?
    • Where do the emissions come from?
    • Can we still close the gap? Yes, we can! 
    • What are possible solutions to close the gap?


    Overcoming dogma

    The article highlights the key issues raised by MEA Mr S Jayshankar in his recent lectures on India’s Foreign Policy.

    • Major failures of our foreign policy in the past
    • Major successes of our foreign policy in the past
    • The new policies and initiatives taken after 2014
    • Future priorities


    India’s food basket must be enlarged         

    Hunger and Malnutrition has emerged as one of the biggest challenges before India. This article highlights that this problem can be solved through conservation of agro-biodiversity i.e. diversity of crops and their varieties. The promotion of agro-biodiversity would ensure dual purpose of ensuring food and nutritional security as well as genetic conservation of plants.

    In this regard, let us understand the linkages between agro-biodiversity and nutritional security and what steps should be taken to promote agro-biodiversity in India.

    • Decoding Malnutrition Problem in India
    • How malnutrition impacts India?
    • Linkages between Agro-biodiversity and Nutritional Security
    • How to promote Agro-biodiversity in India?
    • Way forward


    Nod for defence purchase worth ₹22,800 cr. 

    The Defence Acquisition Council has approved defence procurement worth Rs. 22800 cr including the following

    1. Six more Poseidon-8I, a maritime patrol aircraft for Indian Navy from US
    2. AWACS for Indian Air Force to be developed indigenously by DRDO
    3. Thermal Imaging Night Sights for assault riffles
    4. A twin-engine helicopter for Coast Guard
    • Background: Poseidon-8I
    • Need
    • Features
    • AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System)
    • Need
    • What are AWACS?
    • Current fleet of AWACS in IAF
    • Twin-Engine Heavy Helicopter