30 Nov, 2019

  • GDP growth plunges to 4.5%, lowest since 2012 - Economy
  • Trump visits Afghanistan, says U.S.-Taliban talks back on track - IR
  • DRDO defends Nag missiles - Science and Technology
  • FASTag deadline extended - Science and Technology
  • New Delhi announces $450 mn to Colombo - IR
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    New Delhi Announces $450 mn to Colombo

    In response to the invitation extended by India’s external affairs minister, the newly elected Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa is on a visit to India.

    In the sidelines of the meeting India has offered a dedicated $50 Million Line of Credit to Sri Lanka for counter-terror measures and another 400 Million for infrastructure development particularly in the Tamil-dominated North and East.


    India-Srilanka Relations: Major Issues

    • Strategic Significance: IOR and China Factor
    • Tamil-factor
    • Fisherman Issue


    FASTag Deadline Extended

    The date for mandatory implementation of fastags has been deferred to 15 December from the current deadline of 1 December.

    Thus from 15th December national highway lanes at toll plazas across India will accept toll only through FASTag .Vehicles entering FASTag lanes without FASTag will be charged twice the toll amount.

    • How does FASTag work?
    • Issues
    • One Nation One Fastag
    • Benefits of FASTags


    1. DRDO defends Nag missiles

    DRDO has confirmed that the indigenous Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) Nag is in advanced stages of development.Besides a new Man Portable ATGM (MPATGM) was also in advanced stages of trials

    • Is Spike better?
    • What is DRDO’s defence?
    • About Nag
    • Different Variants
    • Need for ATGM
    • Background
    • About Spike Missiles


    U.S-Taliban talks for peace in Afghanistan

    Background: Start of talk with Taliban – Mid-2018 (in line with President Trump's agenda to withdraw troops from Afghanistan).9th round in Qatar in August 2019 close to signing the deal. In September 2019, the US President Donald Trump abruptly called off ‘peace’ talks with the Taliban citing the killing of an American soldier in a suicide bomb attack for which the Taliban claimed credit.

    • About the Draft Agreement:
    • Concern for India: Threat to regional security
    • India’s stand
    • Why Afghanistan is important to India?


    GDP growth plunges to 4.5%, lowest since 2012

    India has witnessed the further slowdown in the last quarter with GDP declining 4.5%, lowest since 2012.

    • Sectoral Growth
    • Reasons