02 Dec, 2019

  • Mercy Powers of the Executive - Polity
  • INSTEX mechanism - I.R
  • Who is farmer ? - Economy
  • Operation 'Clean Art' - Environment
  • Battling Anti microbial Resistance (Article) - Science
  • Kyasanur Forest Disease - Science
  • Divestment of Air India (Article) - economy
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    Six European nations join Iran barter system

    Recently, six European nations have decided to join INSTEX (Instrument In Support Of Trade Exchanges) which has been set up to circumvent the economic sanctions on Iran by USA.

    • Background
    • INSTEX


    Who is a farmer? Government has no clear definition

    This article highlights that there seems to be ambiguity as to who constitutes farmers in India. The Central Government has taken a narrow perspective with respect to the definition of the farmers. Such a narrow outlook and ambiguity on the definition of farmers can have serious implications for the design of various agricultural schemes.

    • Centre's Definition of Farmer
    • What should be done?


    Operation Clean Art to crack down on illegal trade in Mongoose Hair

    Mongoose hair are used for the purpose of making paint brush. Operation Clean Art was the first Pan India operation to crack down on the smuggling of mongoose hair. This raid was planned by Wild Life Crime Control Board (WCCB).The raid was conducted at multiple places like Sherkot (UP), Jaipur (Rajasthan), Mumbai & Pune (Maharashtra) and Kerala.

    • Way forward
    • Species of Mongoose Found in the Indian Subcontinent


    Delhi govt. rejects mercy petition in Nirbhaya case

    The Delhi government has recommended the rejection of mercy plea of one of the convicts of Nirbhaya case. The recommendation will now be sent to Lieutenant Governor who will then send his recommendation to Centre which is then forwarded to President for his final decision.


    Shivamogga residents oppose monkey park plan

    Locals in Shivamogga district of Karnataka have opposed the setting up of monkey park on account of fear of spread of Kyasanur Forest Disease.

    • About Kyasanur Forest Disease


    Battling anti-microbial resistance

    Anti-biotic resistance is on the rise in India due to number of factors leading to antibiotics becoming ineffective. With no new class of antibiotics being discovered in the last 3 decades and most of the current antibiotics becoming ineffective, even minor infections may prove to be fatal. Thus there is a need to accelerate the efforts towards better implementation of National Action Plan to combat Anti-Microbial Resistance that was launched in 2017.

    • Antibiotic resistance in India
    • Spread of antibiotic-drug resistance in India
    • Steps taken by India to combat AMR
    • National Action Plan to combat Antimicrobial Resistance 2017
    • Objectives
    • Challenges
    • Way forward


    Making Air India’s disinvestment work

    The government-run airline Air India has witnessed a continuous decline in the last 4 decades unable to withstand the competition from the private airlines that have entered the market. Besides, the efforts towards disinvestment ever since late 1990s have not yielded fruition due to number of issues.

    • Context
    • Challenges
    • Way forward