04 Dec, 2019

  • US Threatens 100% tariffs on French Goods Economy
  • GST revenues not enough for states' compensation: Centre Economy
  • India Tests Swedish Technology to reduce stubble burning: Environment
  • National Shame (Editorial) Social Issues
  • DRDO to develop naval fighter jets - Science and Technology
  • Clarification
  • Reference-1 - Setting Clock Back on intersex human rights - Polity & Governance
  • Reference-2 - One state push for Israel and Palestine? - International Relations
  • Practice Question

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    India tests Swedish technology to reduce stubble burning

    Biomass torrefaction is a thermal process used to produce high-grade solid biofuels from various streams of woody biomass or agro residues. The end product is a stable, homogeneous, high quality solid biofuel with far greater energy density and calorific value than the original feedstock, providing significant benefits in logistics, handling and storage, as well as opening up a wide range of potential uses.


    GST revenues not enough for States’ compensation: Centre

    The economic slowdown in the recent times has led to the fall in the collection of the GST revenue including the GST Compensation cess. Hence, the Central Government has failed to transfer the pending compensation payments to the states for several months. In this regard, the Central Government has recently written to the states that the compensation cess might not be sufficient enough to pay for the revenue losses to the states.

    • Understanding the GST Compensation Mechanism
    • What should be done in order to increase the GST revenues?
    • Way Forward


    U.S. threatens 100% tariffs on French goods

    Recently, the French Parliament passed the legislation to impose Digital Service Tax, also known as GAFA Tax. It is named after Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon (GAFA) and shall be imposed on large technology and internet companies having business operations in France. Such a tax basically targets the US based companies. Hence, in retaliation, the US government has decided to impose customs duty of up to 100% on French goods worth $ 2.4 billion entering into USA.

    • Details about GAFA Tax
    • Rationale behind introduction of GAFA Tax
    • Similar tax in India- Equalisation levy


    National shame

    In wake of the recent rape crime, there is growing demand for stricter laws against rape crimes including death penalty for the convicts.

    • Rape crimes in India
    • Laws against sexual violence
    • Nirbhaya Act and the aftermath
    • Way Forward


    DRDO to develop naval fighter jet

    • Background
    • Recent Steps
    • About Tejas LCA
    • Aircraft carriers of India