08 Dec, 2019

  • Karvy Stock Scandal Explained - Indian Economy
  • Outbreak of Measles- Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report- Social Issues
  • PM-KISAN Vs. KALIA Vs. Ryuthu Bandhu - Indian Economy
  • Newly Developed Typhoid Vaccine - Science & Technology
  • Contribution of Sri Narayan Guru to Socio-Religious Reforms - History
  • Why Pygmy hog needs protection? (Sunday Magazine) - Environmen
  • Reference: What are the laws on rapes and Sexual Crimes?
  • Reference: Seeking review of Creamy layer Reservations
  • Practice Questions.

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    Why the pygmy hog of Assam wants protectionAbout Pygmy hog

    • Status of the species
    • Habitat
    • Importance of Pygmy hog: Indicator species
    • Threats
    • Conservation efforts


    A typhoid vaccine manufactured in India offers 82% protection

    A Hyderabad-based biotechnology company has developed a  conjugate vaccine for typhoid which has a higher efficacy than the conventional weak attenuated vaccines.

    • Basics of Vaccines
    • Types of vaccines
    • Need for developing conjugate vaccine for Typhoid


    Karvy stock scandal

    Recently SEBI banned the Karvy Stock Broking firm from conducting broking operations in its interim order. This was on account of alleged misuse of customer's securities by Karvy which pledged the securities in order to obtain loans from lenders and re-routed the loan to an infrastructure company that happens to a sister concern of Karvy Stock Broking firm.


    Sri Lankan Malayalis keep their Kerala connection alive

    Sri Lankans of Keralite origin are gathering in Sri Lanka to commemorate the 165th year of Kerala's social reformer Narayan Guru. It is important to note that people of Indian origin in Sri Lanka are not only Tamils but also Keralites. They mainly entered the island as traders or laborers.He led a reform movement in Kerala, against the injustice in the caste-ridden society of Kerala in order to promote spiritual enlightenment and social equality and hence it becomes important for us to know few of his important contributions to Indian Society. 

    • Few important aspects of Sri Narayan Guru’s life


    2.3 million children in India unvaccinated for measles

    • About Measles and Rubella
    • India's efforts to control Measles and Rubella


    Odisha reduces farmers’ scheme assistance

    • KAALIA Scheme
    • Rythu Bandhu Scheme