09 Dec, 2019

  • Lokpal yet to get prosecution wing - Polity
  • Local body elections - trampling on grassroots (Article) - Polity
  • Demonising legal system wont help (Article) - Polity
  • An Asian engine driven by India and China (Article) - I.R
  • Bird walk Telangana - Environment
  • Reference: Citizenship amendment bill
  • Reference: Bharat Bond
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    An Asian engine driven by India and China

    Asia's rise depends on the peace and stability. Sadly, a stable regional security architecture has not yet organically evolved in the region. According to PM Modi, there is enough room for all Asian countries to prosper together. Asia of rivalry will hold us back while Asia of cooperation will shape the coming century. 

    • Economy
    • India and China
    • Economic Cooperation
    • Energy
    • Political Cooperation
    • Conclusion


    6 years on, Lokpal is yet to get prosecution wing

    Almost six years after the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013, was signed into law, several key provisions needed for the anti-corruption ombudsman to function have still not been operationalised. The process of constituting the Lokpal’s inquiry and prosecution wings has not yet begun, and regulations for how to conduct preliminary investigations have not been made, the Lokpal has said in response to RTI queries. Some of the issues with the functioning of the Lokpal have been shown in the Infographic.

    • The Lokpal and Lokayukta Act of 2013
    • Establishment of Lokpal
    • Appointment of Chairperson
    • Tenure
    • Removal
    • Can a member of Lokpal be appointed as its Chairperson?
    • Enquiry Wing and a Prosecution Wing of Lokpal
    • Expenses of Lokpal to be charged on Consolidated Fund of India
    • Jurisdiction of Lokpal (Newly added)
    • What happens if a charge is made against the PM?
    • Special Court


    Trampling on grassroots

    Local body elections in Tamil Nadu have been delayed by more than 3 years. Supreme court has recently ordered the conduct of these elections.

    • Constitutional provisions
    • The Delay
    • Why have these elections been delayed?


    Demonizing the legal system won’t help

    There is  argument made by people that the rule of law is not giving women justice, and that at the very least, laws need to be amended to create a stronger deterrent and provide quicker closure to victims of crimes of sexual violence. However there are various flaws in this argument.

    • Flaws in the Arguments


    Telangana town to host ‘Bird Walk’ festival.                       

    The Telangana being the first in the State to organise a Bird Walk Festival which aims to promote awareness of that part of nature which it protects.

    The Bird Walk tour includes a visit to the scenic habitat of the Long-billed vultures in Penchikalpet range, the scavenger bird being the flagship species.