04 Jan, 2020

  • All India Judicial Services- Need, Benefits and Concerns - Polity & Governance
  • Tensions in West Asia- Iran Vs USA - International Relations
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All India Judicial Service to panacea, says study

In its strategy document, "StrategyforIndia@75", NITI Aayog had proposed for the creation of AIJS to bring about the Judicial Reforms and improve the Judicial Administration. However, an Independent think tank known as Vidhi Centre for legal Policy has recently opposed the creation of AIJS. Now, the Debate with respect to the Creation of All India Judicial Service has always lingered in the backdrop of Judicial reforms debate for almost 60 years. There are both proponents and opponents to this idea of creating AlJS. Hence, as part of the video analysis, we would focus on this debate as to Should India Create AIJS? But before that, let us understand the background.

  • Background
  • Constitutional Provisions relating to AIJS
  • Proposals for AIJS
  • How the AIJS would help?
  • Opposition to the AIJS


US kills top Iranian General in air strike (The Hindu Pg. No.01)

Iran’s top security and intelligence commander, Major Qassem Soleimani, was killed in a US drone attack in Baghdad.

  • The incident
  • Who was General Soleimani
  • Impact of this attack