12 Jan, 2020

  • Genome Mapping of Indian Cobra (FAQ) - Science & Technology
  • How is the Iranian air crash being probed? (FAQ) - International Relations
  • Indian Ocean Dipole and its impact on weather (FAQ) - Geography
  • Biotechnology Sector- Present Scenario, Challenges and Government Initiatives - Indian Economy
  • Carbon Sequestration: Species-rich Forests offer stable Carbon Capture - Environment & Biodiversity
  • Impact of Climate Change on Debris covered Glaciers - Environment & Biodiversity
  • LCA Navy Variant successfully lands on INS Vikramaditya - Science & Technology
  • India should take lead in against multi-drug resistance (Reference) - Social Issues
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    Will the sequencing of the Indian cobra genome help in discovering broad-based antivenoms?

    Scientists have mapped the genome of the Indian cobra.  The genome map of Indian cobra has 38 chromosomes that has about 12,000 genes This is in comparison with the human genome which has 23 chromosomes and the 20,000-25,000 genes.

    • About Genome Sequencing


    Why are bushfires raging in Australia?

    Large bushfires have been ravaging Australia affecting more than 10.3 million hectares of land since September.   Although the fire season began late July, it has extended beyond September as result of positive Indian Dipole experienced this year.

    • Background
    • Indian Ocean Dipole


    Species-rich forests offer stable carbon capture

    According to researchers, the species-rich evergreen forests are most effective in carbon sequestration as they have the highest rate of carbon capture.

    • Highlights of the study
    • Significance
    • What is Carbon Sequestration?
    • Important carbon sinks


    New method better estimates melting of debris-covered Himalayan glaciers

    Scientists have built a new model to predict the melting of debris-covered Himalayan glaciers.

    • Background
    • Importance of Glacial Studies
    • Highlights of the current study


    Explained: How is the Iran air crash being probed?  

    Recently a Ukrainian passenger aircraft was shot down by an Iranian missile killing all the passengers and the crew. Iran has admitted that the missiles fired due to human error caused the crash.

    • Investigation Protocol in case of Aircraft Accidents
    • Standards to be followed
    • Role of ICAO
    • Cases of missile attack
    • Investigations of aircraft accidents in Indian scenario
    • What is Blackbox?


    LCA Navy variant successfully lands on INS Vikramaditya

    The naval variant of the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas made a successful short arrested landing on the INS Vikramadiya.

    • Naval Variant of LCA TEJAS


    Rajasthan to get its first biotech park soon

    Rajasthan is all set to get its first biotechnology park.