Rau's IAS, Daily News Simplified - Current Affairs Analysis from the Hindu Newspaper for IAS Exam


Rau’s IAS is considered the benchmark institution for Civil Services Exam coaching and guidance. Rau’s IAS ethos of ‘Real Learning’ through ‘personal attention’ and ‘mentoring’ produces positive transformation in the knowledge and personality of every student of Rau’s.

Daily News Simplified is a daily analysis of important current affairs from the Hindu newspaper.

DNS is prepared by Rau's Research & Innovation (RI) team. The main objective of Rau’s RI team is to develop learning tools to simplify preparation of the Civil Services Exam. We put together the ideas of teachers, successful students and senior/retired bureaucrats (who were Rau’s successful students back in the day) to develop these tools which bring great value to the Civil Services aspirants.

Our learning tools in the form of DNS video lessons, tests series and test discussions

• provide continuous learning and update through current affairs analysis,

• methodical revision of the core syllabus of GS, and

• improvement in test taking skills through UPSC level test series

We handhold our students through all stages of the examination and our purpose is to lend them a better chance at achieving success.

To know more - https://www.rauias.com/