21 feb, 2020

  • Gearing up to fight the next big viral outbreak (Disaster Management, Social Issues)
  • Vacant SEZ land to be used for affordable housing: Awhad (Economic Development)
  • AR Rahman's NGO get FCRA license (Polity and Governance)
  • Trump Card (Reference-1) (International Relations)
  • ART of life (Reference-2) (Polity and Governance, Social Issues)
  • Practice Questions

Prelims Quiz


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    A.R. Rehman's NGO gets FCRA licence (Page number 01)

    The Union government has granted Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) licence to more than 20 NGOs this year and it includes the A.R. Rahman Foundation. The Rahman Foundation had run into trouble with the authorities when it allegedly received money from a U.K based mobile phone company in 2015.

    • Controversy regarding NGOs in India
    • The FCRA1976
    • The FCRA 2010
    • 2014 Ruling of the Delhi High Court
    • NGOs and FCRA
    • Should NGOs be accountable?
    • Ways to make NGO accountable

    Vacant SEZ land to be used for affordable housing: Maharashtra minister

    The Maharashtra government has invoked a provision in land acquisition policy for housing to acquire the land hoarded by SEZ developers if at least 50% of the SEZ land is not used for industrial activity.

    • What are SEZs?
    • What is the legal backing behind it?
    • But what is the need to create an SEZ?
    • So what are the benefits which Indian SEZ get?
    • What is the procedure for setting up of SEZ?
    • So how has been the experience of Indian SEz?
    • Challenges being faced by these SEZs:
    • Why China succeeded but India’s SEZ had limited success?

    Gearing up to fight the next big viral outbreak (Page number 10)

    In light of the recent spread of CoVID-19, the author has highlighted that India's preparedness to combat   such kind of out breaks are far from satisfactory. The author bases his thoughts on the Global Health Security index to highlight where we lack in terms of preparedness and what we can do to prevent another global outbreak or emergency.

    • What is Global Health Security Index (GHSI)?
    • Why Is the GHS Index Needed?
      The 140 GHS Index questions are organized across six categories:
    • 4-Point Health Agenda
    • So what should we do to enhance our level of preparedness?

    Rau's IAS, Delhi 3 months ago