25 Feb, 2020

  • The unassailable key words for judiciary (Article) - Polity & Governance
  • Is Praise of PM a bad idea?
  • Why is an independent judiciary important for democratic country
  • Salient features of judicial independence in Indian Constitution
  • Possible erosion of Judicial independence
  • Standard of conduct - Implementing Judicial Ethics charter
  • A U.S. strategy only meant to isolate China (Article) - International Relations
  • Not fair, just or reasonable (Article) - Security
  • The issues around Data Localisation (Article) - (Polity & Governance)
  • Practice Questions - Mahadayi Project costs zooms, ASI planning barricade around stone chariot at Hampi

Prelims Quiz


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    A U.S. strategy only meant to isolate China

    With the centre of gravity of geopolitics shifting to Pacific in the recent times from Atlantic in the 20th century, the US is desperately looking to increase its military presence in the region mainly to counter increasing Chinese influence

    • US vs China in Indo-Pacific
    • US’s Approach
    • Conclusion


    Not fair, just or reasonable

    This article highlights that there is no procedural fairness with various Preventive Detention Laws in India including Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act, 1968.

    • About Jammu & Kashmir Public Safety Act, 1978
    • What happens after a person is charged under PSA?
    • Referring of Case to Advisory Board
    • Decision of Advisory Board
    • Need for Preventive Detention Laws
    • Lack of Procedural Fairness
    • Conclusion


    The unassailable keywords for the judiciary

    This article raises serious questions about independence of judiciary as Justice Arun Mishra publicly showered praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi at an international platform during International Judicial Conference 2020 where the theme of discussion was ‘Judiciary and the Changing World’.  

    • Is Praise of Prime Minister from Judiciary a bad idea?
    • Why is an Independent Judiciary important for a democratic country?
    • Salient Features of Judicial Independence in the Constitution
    • Is there a Possibility of Erosion of Judicial Independence despite constitutional guarantees?
    • Standard of Conduct – Implementing the Judicial Ethics Charter


    The issues around data localisation

    • Why data localization is necessary for India?
    • Policies that imply data localization:
    • DraftPersonal Data Protection Bill, 2018
    • Concerns / Challenges
    • Global practices
    • India’s case