26 Feb, 2020

  • Rights, Duties and Constitution
  • Blue Dot Network
  • None of the above NOTA in elections
  • Apache and Seahawk helicopters
  • Practice Questions

Prelims Quiz


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    Rights, duties and the Constitution

    Rights Duties and the Constitution

    • Real rights are a result of performance of duties
    • “Real duties are the result of the fulfilment of rights”.
    • Two important concerns before the constituent assembly -
    • Under the colonial regime, Indians had been treated as subjects.
    • The second role of rights, was to stand against hierarchy.
    • The problem arises when the ideas of Rights and duties are merged.


    Apache and Sea Hawks Helicopters

    Context: India has decided to acquire Apache and Sea Hawks Helicopters from USA.


    • Acquired from USA under Foreign Military Assistance
    • Hellfire
    • missile
    • Predator
    • drone
    • Longbow radar
    • Significance


    • Acquired from USA under Foreign Military Assistance


    Widening U.S.-China rift fuels Trump’s Modi outreach

    • Blue Dot Network
    • What is the Blue Dot network?
    • Countering China’s Belt and Road Initiative?
    • Differences between BRI and Blue Dot
    • India is not a member of Blue dot Network.


    More psychological than an empowering voter option

    Context: After Supreme Court’s judgment in PUCL v. Union of India in 2013, Election Commission of India has allowed NOTA as an option in its election process. However, NOTA does not provide for right to reject. Thus, the candidate with maximum number of votes wins the election.      

    • SC on NOTA
    • PUCL v. Union of India in 2013
    • Reasons for NOTA
    • Problems with NOTA
    • Giving NOTA a chance
    • Fictional Electoral Candidate’
    • Some of the trends regarding NOTA are as follows: