02 Mar, 2020

  • US-Taliban peace deal and India (International Relation)
  • Whither tribunal independence (Polity and Governance)
  • Water crisis looms large in Himalayan, region finds study (Environment & Ecology)
  • India is host to 457 migratory fauna, shows latest CMS list (Environment & Ecology)
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    Experts raise concerns for India over US-Taliban agreement

    A big bad deal

    A deal that increases uncertainty

    In a much-anticipated move, the US has signed the peace deal with Taliban paving the way for withdrawal of US troops and beginning of an intra-Afghan peace process.

    • US-Taliban Peace Deal
    • India's concern
    • Comparative assessment of various stake holders


    India is host to 457 migratory fauna, shows latest CMS list

    India hosted the 13th COP to the Convention on Migratory Species this year.

    • In brief: Convention on Migratory Species
    • Key Highlights of CMS CoP 13
    • Measures taken by India
    • Important facts              
    • Important migratory species in India
    • Important Flyways for migratory species in India


    Whither tribunal independence

    Supreme Court in the case of Rojer Mathew vs South Indian Bank and others declared The Tribunal, Appellate Tribunal and other Authorities (Qualification, Experience and other Conditions of Service of Members) Rules, 2017 as unconstitutional for being violative of principles of independence of the judiciary.  The article argues that the new rules framed in 2020 by Ministry of Finance also violate various Supreme Court Decisions.   

    • What about these Rules?
    • Backdrop to this Article
    • What were the problems in 2017 Rules for appointing members for various Tribunals?
    • The Problem with 2020 Rules as highlighted in the Article


    Water crisis looms large in Himalayan regions, study finds

    Eight towns in the Himalayan region of Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Pakistan were nearly 20%-70% deficient in their water supply, says a survey that appears in the latest edition of the journal Water Policy.

    • Reasons for water deficiency
    • Way ahead