17 Mar, 2020

  • RBI's Focus on liquidity is correct (Economy)
  • Closing the gender gap in science (Social Issues)
  • A. From Virtual conferencing to real leadership (International Relations)
  • Clarification
  • Practice Question

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    Fight for the finite 

    Context - In the backdrop of increasing cases of COVID 19 in India the article flags the challenges in public health system in India.

    • Epidemiological transition towards NCD
    • Communicable diseases
    • Some concerns


    RBI’s focus on liquidity is correct

    Context – The Indian Economy is presently witnessing the negative impact of COVID-19 which could further aggravate the economic slowdown. The COVID-19 has also raised concerns about global economic recession which has led to outflow of FPIs from the developing economies leading to depreciation of their currencies. For instance, the value of Rupee has depreciated to 17-month low of 74 vis-a-vis dollars.

    • What is Repo rate?
    • What is Long Term Repo Operations (LTRO)?
    • Need for Carrying out the Long-Term Repo Operations (LTROs)
    • Understanding Foreign Exchange Sell/ Buy Swap?
    • What is RBI’s plan with respect to Foreign Exchange buy/sell swap?
    • What would be the likely impact?


    Closing the gender gap in science

    Context – India celebrates National Science day on February 28 every year to mark C.V. Raman’s discovery of scattering of light. The theme of this year’s National Science day was “Women in Science”. The focus of Women in Science was quite apt considering the fact that women account for only 29% of the people involved in scientific research and development. Further, according to UNESCO, the representation of women in India is less than 4000. Barely 14 among 100 scientists in the India are women.

    • Why focus on girls’ and women’s education in STEM?
    • Leaky Pipeline Problem
    • Factors that have led to Leaky Pipeline Problem
    • Government schemes and Programmes to promote Women’s participation in STEM

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