20 Mar, 2020

  • Speaker to decide cases of anti-defection within reasonable time frame - Editorial - Polity & Governance
  • Giving Human Rights Commission more teeth - Lead Article- 3. Polity & Governance
  • Challenges for State Universities - Article - Social Issues
  • Rupee breached 75 to a dollar, hits record low - Economy
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    Need for re-orientation

    • Dismal state of affairs at state universities in India is not hidden from anyone. In this regard the author tries to identifies the challenges that these universities face and their causes. He also suggests a solution for course correction.
    • So first we will understand the constitutional scheme for educational responsivity (how is it divided between the centre and the state). Then we will understand the causes behind such dismal performance of state varsities and finally we will have a look at the solution suggested by the author.
    • What are state public universities?
    • What is the significance of these state universities?
    • So how have they fared in meeting the tasks of quality education?
    • So what are the challenges which they face?
    • Is it possible that they are government institutions and hence they are not efficient? For example top varsities across USA are all private (Harvard, Stanford)?
    • So according to author what is at the core of the issue?
    • So what could be the reason that State-level players do not feel compelled to back the State university system?
    • So what is the suggestion of the author ?

    Rupee breaches 75 to a dollar, hits record low

    • The recent global economic slowdown accompanied by the outbreak of CoVID-19 has raised fears of global economic recession in future. This has in turn led to flight of capital from the developing countries to the developed countries.
    • In case of India, the FPIs have sold over $ 10 billion worth equities and bonds leading to largest ever dollar outflow in a single month. The higher outflow of dollars has in turn put pressure on the Rupee wherein the Rupee has depreciated to historical low value of 75 vis-a-vis dollars.
    • In this regard, let us understand about Rupee Depreciation- Causes, Effect and Solutions?
    • What is Rupee Depreciation?
    • Why does the Rupee value depreciate?
    • What is the Impact of Rupee Depreciation on Economy?
    • Impact on Imports and Exports
    • Impact on Balance of Trade and Current Account
    • Impact on Inflation Rate
    • Impact on Forex Reserves
    • Impact on External Commercial Borrowings (ECBs)
    • What is the Solution to this Problem?

    Giving NHRC more teeth

    • Context: National and State Human Rights Commissions formed under Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 are toothless institutions as they function in mere advisory capacity and the government is free to disobey or even disregard their observations and findings.
    • Functions of NHRC
    • Powers of Enquiry & Investigation
    • Madras High Court about to decide a case on Human Rights Commission
    • Human Rights Commission as Fourth Branch Institutions
    • Conclusion

    Drastic but necessary

    • The editorial highlights that Supreme Court’s decision of stripping a Manipur Minister of his office and barring him from entering the State Assembly may appear drastic and unusual, but is quite a reasonable and necessary course of action considering his case of defection being pending before Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly. Supreme Court also ruled that such cases of anti-defection cannot be delayed and must be disposed of within a reasonable time-frame.
    • Background
    • What led the SC to invoke Article 142 of the Indian Constitution?
    • Speaker
    • Chairman
    • final
    • decider
    • Proceedings in Parliament
    • Article 122
    • Important highlights of the Judgment
    • Suggestions & Recommendations of Supreme Court
      • Likelihood of bias cannot be ruled out
      • Permanent Tribunal
      • Against Natural Justice
    • Is the Judiciary entering into Speaker’s shoes?