29 Mar, 2020

  • PM sets up new fund to fight virus - (Polity and Governance)
  • Centre tells States to set up camps for migrant workers (Polity and Governance)
  • Centre plans classes in distance mode - (Polity and Governance)
  • Why has Kerala sought a relaxation of FRBM rules - (Indian economy)
  • All shook up - (Indian economy)
  • Strike at the spike and win the war - (Science & Technology)
  • Plasma transfusion for COVID¬19 shows promising results in study - (Science & Technology)
  • Prelims revision pointers

Prelims Quiz


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    Why has Kerala sought a relaxation of Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management rules?

    Kerala, one of the worst affected states by COVID 19 pandemic, has urged the centre to relax deficit targets under the FRBM rules in order to cope up with the impact of lockdown in force.

    • Background
    • Where do states get the money to spend?
    • What are the constraints in state’s ability to raise more money?
    • Why is the relaxation needed?
    • Conclusion

     All shook up

    The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has caused demand and supply side disruption in the Indian economy leading to concerns about further economic slowdown.

     Important terms

    • Bull
    • Bear
    • SENSEX
    • NIFTY:
    • VIX Index
    • Circuit breakers

     Strike at the spike and win the war

    Researchers across the world have been offering a number of medical solutions to defeat the life-threatening coronavirus infection - COVID 19.  This article unravels 2 of such methods which target the virus by studying the mechanism through which the novel coronavirus is breaking the barrier in the host cell before entering it.

    • Mechanism adopted by novel coronavirus: Glycoprotein Spikes
    • Study 1
    • Study 2
    • Ways to fight the infection
    • Nature of Novel Coronavirus
    • Vaccines
    • M-RNA Vaccines

    PM sets up new fund to fight virus +  5. Centre tells States to set up camps for migrant workers

    PMCARES Fund (Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations) - newly instituted fund to help fight the novel coronavirus.

    Centre plans classes in distance mode

    The Centre plans to restart classes in the distance mode next week, with teaching via dedicated TV and radio channels in English and Hindi

    • Key e-Learning Projects being run by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

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