Analysis of Economic Survey 2018-19 Chapter - 03

  • Background
  • Extent of Dwarfism in the MSME Sector
  • Reasons for the Dwarfism
  • Problems with the Dwarfism
  • How to address the problem
  • Prelims/Mains Based Questions

Rau's IAS Study Circle presents Chapter wise analysis of Volume I of Economic Survey 2018-19.

This video contains an analysis of Chapter 3: NOURISHING DWARFS TO BECOME GIANTS.

The analysis contains the following dimensions :

1. Background

2. Extent of Dwarfism in the MSME Sector 

3. Reasons for the Dwarfism 

4. Problems with the Dwarfism 

5. How to address the problem 

6. Prelims/Mains Based Questions