04 Oct, 2019

  • Cooperative Banks: Is Dual Regulation the Problem? - Indian Economy
  • The Brick and Mortar of FDI 2.0- Lead Article - Indian Economy
  • Bringing Political Parties under the RTI Act - Polity and Governance
  • Drone Cameras threatening Wildlife in Nilgiris - Environment
  • Killer Fungus found in Australia - Environment
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    Drone cameras threatening Nilgiris Wildlife  

    Amateur wildlife photography using drone cameras pose a significant threat to wildlife in Nilgiris. Birds of prey such as Shaheen Falcons, White-rumped vultures mistake the drones for prey and attack them causing injury to themselves by the rotor blades of drones.

    • Nilgiris Wildlife
    • drone cameras
    • threat to wildlife
    • Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve


    The brick and mortar of FDI 2.0

    According to the authors, India’s FDI policy needs a relook in the changing cross-border business scenario which is dominated by internet companies that accrue maximum benefit. On the concept of shared profit, the article proposes an alternative FDI 2.0 policy which harmonises interests of all stakeholders including consumers, the government and investors.

    • Foreign Direct Investment
    • FDI 2.0
    • Era of FERA Companies
    • Post-liberalisation
    • Linking listing with tax benefits
    • Trading in India


    Making political parties accountable

    Supreme Court in D.A.V. College Trust and Management Society Vs. Director of Public Instructions held that non-governmental organisations which were substantially financed by the appropriate government fall within the ambit of ‘public authority’ under Section 2(h) of the Right to Information Act, 2005. 

    • RTI
    • Government funded NGO
    • Public Authority
    • Political Parties under RTI


    Co-operative banks: Is dual regulation the problem?

    Recently, the RBI has imposed a set of restrictions on the Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative (PMC) Bank for the alleged irregularities in reporting NPAs. This decision of the RBI comes at the time when the Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs) have accumulated higher amount of NPAs.

    • Co-operative banks
    • Punjab and Maharashtra Cooperative (PMC)
    • RBI
    • Banking Structure


    Killer fungus found in Australia

    A poisonous fungus known for killing several people in Japan and Korea has recently been found thousands of kilometers from its original habitat, for the first time in Australia. The Poison Fire Coral fungus is a bright red fungus.

    • Australia
    • Poison Fire Coral fungus
    • Edible mushroom