10 Oct, 2019

  • The Minimum Wage Solution-OPED- Indian Economy
  • Noble Prize in Chemistry - Science and Technology
  • Global Competitiveness Index Report - Indian Economy
  • World Mental Health Day- For a Happy Childhood-OPED- Social Issues
  • GEMINI System to warn fishermen of Danger - Disaster Management
  • Maintaining India-China Stride length- Reference
  • Practice Questions

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    For a happy childhood

    The article appears in the backdrop of World Mental Health Day being observed today. The article flags the issue of high prevalence of mental health in India, especially among adolescents and thus the urgent need for multiple research-based interventions needed to tackle the problem.

    • Mental health status in general
    • WHO Report
    • Mental health among adolescents
    • Causes and Challenges


    Chemistry Nobel to trio for work on batteries

    The 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to a trio of scientists whose works, independently, have contributed to development of lithium-ion batteries as an alternative to fossil fuels.

    • Nobel Prize for Chemistry
    • Li-ion batteries
    • Basics of battery
    • Evolution of Li-ion battery technology
    • High Energy Density and thus improved storage capacity
    • Impact of Li-ion battery revolution
    • Li-ion batteries in India


    Gemini System for Fishermen

    It is a portable receiver linked to ISRO satellites that is fail-proof and warns fishermen of danger. It will provide seamless and effective dissemination of information and communication on disaster warnings, potential fishing zones and Ocean States Forecasts to fishermen.

    • GEMINI
    • ISRO
    • INCOIS
    • Communication & Early Warning


    The minimum wage solution

    The Government to mitigate economic crisis has announced 1. New Index of NREGA wages & 2. Reduction in corporate tax rate.

    • NREGA Wages
    • Corporate Tax Cut
    • Income Inequality
    • Minimum Wage
    • 7th Pay Commission


    India slips 10 places in global competitiveness index

    India has moved down 10 places to rank 68th in a global index that measures competitiveness, as it fared poorly in most parameters such as infrastructure, the adoption of information, communications and technology (ICT), financial markets, skills, and innovation capability, compared to last year.

    • Global Competitiveness Report
    • World Economic Forum
    • India Rank