12 Oct, 2019

  • PM chose Mamallapuram as venue for Xi meet - International Relation
  • Graves of Chalukyan Kings found in Karnataka (Chalukyas & Pallavas) - History & Culture
  • Making a friend of the neighbour (Lead Article) - International Relation
  • India rejects RCEP E-commerce chapter - Economy
  • Nobel Peace Prize, 2019 - Current event of international importance
  • Industrial Output shrinks by 1.1% - Economy
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    Making a friend of the neighbour

    The article highlights that India must play the China card wisely and play along the areas of mutual interest rather and not on conflicts and rivalries.

    • Rajiv Gandhi Momentum
    • Frequency of talks did not improve relations
    • Present Power Imbalance
    • Avenues of future


    PM chose Mamallapuram as venue for Xi meet

    The second “informal summit” between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and China’s President Xi Jinping began on Friday at Mamallapuram, a town famously associated with Pallava rulers.

    • Mamallapuram
    • Shore Temple
    • Pallava Dynasty
    • Arjuna’s Penance
    • Varaha Cave
    • Cultural Information
    • ‘Shanti nilavavendum
    • Areas of Co-operation


    India rejects RCEP e-commerce chapter

    9th Intersessional Ministerial Meeting is to be held at Bangkok in Thailand on 11-12 October 2019. This will be the last Ministerial before the 3rdLeaders Summit to be held on November 4th 2019. RCEP is scheduled to be announced as concluded in November 2019.

    • Data Localisation
    • RCEP Agreement
    • 6 ASEAN FTA partners
    • Chapter on e-commerce
    • Chapters of Investment, Electronic Commerce, Rules of Origin and Trade Remedies


    Industrial output shrinks by 1.1% in Aug.  

    Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is published by National Statistical Office, under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.  It captures changes in output of Mining Sector (14.37% weight), Manufacturing Sector (77.63% weight), Electricity (7.99% weight). It measures these changes by Gross Value Added and Gross Value of Output method.

    • Index of Industrial Production (IIP)
    • National Statistical Office
    • Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
    • Use based Categories
    • Base Year for the Index is 2011-12


    Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed wins Nobel Peace Prize    

    The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who made peace with Eretria in the year 2018.

    • Nobel Peace Prize
    • Abiy Ahmad
    • Ethiopia
    • Eritrea
    • Achieve Peace and International Co-operation
    • UN-brokered peace agreement


    ‘Graves’ of Chalukyan kings found in Karnataka

    Recently graves of Chalukyan rulers have been found in a village near Huligemmanakolla in Pattadakal of Bagalkot district.

    • Chalukya Dynasty
    • Pallava Dynasty
    • Pallavas & their Architecture
    • Chalukyas & their Architecture
    • Badami
    • Mamallapuram
    • Aihole
    • Pattadakal