15 Oct, 2019

  • FASTag to track vehicles - Science & Technology
  • Framing laws for outer space - (Article) - Science and Technology
  • Financial Stability & RBI - Inflation Targeting - (Article) - Economy
  • Economics Nobel for Abhijit, two others - Economy
  • Environmental Protection Control Authority - EPCA - Environment
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    Fastags will act as Adhaar to track vehicles

    Union Transport Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari addressed One Nation-One FASTag conference and he emphasized the importance installing FASTags in all the vehicles to ensure smooth flow of traffic through toll booths.

    • One Nation-One FASTag Conference
    • National Electronic Toll Collection Programme
    • RFID Technology
    • MyFASTag and FASTag Partner


    Financial Stability and the RBI

    The RBI plays a multidimensional role in the economy. It regulates the money supply in the economy; influences the rate of interest on borrowing and lending money; controls the rate of inflation; manages the external sector including the exchange rate; supervises and regulates the banking sector and seeks to ensure financial stability.

    • Inflation Targeting
    • Problems and Challenges
    • Way Forward


    Framing Laws for International Space

    This article highlights about regulating any criminal activities which take place from space by crew members of different countries.

    • NASA astronaut Anne McClain
    • International Space Station Intergovernmental Agreement
    • International Space Station


    Environment Pollution Control Authority

    EPCA is Supreme Court mandated body tasked with taking various measures to tackle air pollution in the National Capital Region. It was notified in 1998 by Environment Ministry under Environment Protection Act, 1986.

    • Constitution of EPCA
    • Vehicular Pollution
    • Noise Standards under EPA 1986