18 Oct, 2019

  • Brexit
  • Legislative Council abolished in Jammu and Kashmir
  • Incidents of TB came down in India - WHO Report
  • Greening the powerhouses - C40 Initiative (Article)
  • What can India do to overcome global slowdown (Interview)
  • Practice Questions

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    Greening the powerhouses                                                                               

    The article highlights that although Cities are the engines of economic growth yet the policy planning for urbanization does not factor in the challenges and risks posed by the Climate change.

    • Urbanization and Climate Change
    • Some examples of climate centric planning across world
    • Measures required by India
    • About C 40 initiative


    Legislative Council abolished in J&K                                                            

    The legislative council of J&K has been abolished after the removal of article 370

    • What are the Legislative Councils, and why are they important?
    • So, do all states have Legislative Councils?
      How are members of the Council elected?
      Do Rajya Sabha and Vidhan Parishads have similar powers?


    TB cases see decrease in India       

    The Global TB Report 2019 has noted a decrease in incidence of TB in India by 50000 cases from 27.4 lakh in 2017 to 26.9 lakh cases in 2018.

    • Global TB Report 2019
    • Tuberculosis (TB): A Global Pandemic
    • Eradicating TB in India
    • National Strategic Plan for TB Elimination 2017-2025
    • Challenges to eliminate TB in India


    What can India do to overcome the global slowdown?                         

    The Global Economy has been facing economic slowdown. According to the recent estimates of the IMF, the world economy is expected to grow at 3% which is considered to be the lowest since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. During the 2008 financial crisis, the Indian economy remained insulated from the global economic slowdown. However, this time around, the global economic slowdown is accompanied by the slowdown in the Indian economy.

    • Impact of the Global Economic slowdown on the Indian Economy
    • Slowdown in the Indian Economy
    • Boosting India's exports


    Johnson scrambles for votes on Brexit                                                          

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged MPs “to come together” and support his “excellent” Brexit deal without any more delay.

    But he is facing a desperate scramble for votes to pass the deal in Parliament, as his Conservative government is well short of a majority.

    MPs will debate his new agreement at a rare weekend sitting of Parliament — only the fifth time since 1939 there has been a Saturday session in Parliament. In this background lets us understand various aspects of the Brexit issue.

    • What is Brexit?
    • Why is the UK leaving?
    • Why hasn't Brexit happened yet?
    • Why did Parliament reject Theresa May's Brexit deal?
    • What is the new Brexit deal?
    • Will the DUP accept the new deal?
    • What happens next with Brexit