02 Nov, 2019

  • Prison Reforms in India: Need, Govt Steps and Way Forward- Editorial - Polity and Governance
  • CMIE Report on Unemployment in India - Indian Economy
  • Electoral Bonds- Concept, Working and Challenges - Polity and Governance
  • Vaigai Valley Civilisation- Art and Culture
  • WhatsApp Breach and Pegasus Spyware - Internal Security
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    Cramped Prisons

    The recent “Prison Statistics India – 2017” report by NCRB flags the issue of high occupancy rate (more than 100%) in 16 states. In this context the news analysis attempts to cover prison reforms that are to be undertaken in India.

    • CRB's Prison Statistics Report 2017
    • Poor state of Indian Prisons
    • Steps taken by the Government to reform the Prisons
    • What steps should be undertaken?


    Electoral bonds worth ₹232 cr. were sold in October, says ADR (The Hindu Page 13)   

    According to latest data, 12,313 electoral bonds worth Rs.6128 Crores have been sold so far since the maiden issue in March 2018.

    • About Electoral Bonds


    Unearthing an ancient civilization (The Hindu Page 11)

    In a significant development in the field of archeology, the Keeladi excavations, near Madurai in Tamil Nadu, have unearthed key missing links in the reconstruction of history of South India particularly in the Megalithic period.

    This article highlights the carbon-dating results of Keeladi excavations which point towards an existence of an advanced urban civilization called (Vaigai Valley Civilization)  during the Megalithic period.

    • What are Keeladi Excavations?
    • Significance of Keeladi Excavations
    • Background: Dating back History
    • Sangam Literature
    • Important features of Vaigai Valley Civilization
    • Way Forward


    Joblessness rises to 3-year high (The Hindu Page 13)          

    An independent report by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has revealed that India’s unemployment rate has risen to 8.5%, the highest level since August 2016 and the number of working age people who are “Not in Labour Force, Education and Training” has continued to increase and now crossed 100 million. 

    • Official Labour Force Survey Reports
    • Approaches Used
    • Important Terms


    WhatsApp did not inform govt. of system breach’ (The Hindu Page 01) 

    WhatsApp sued Israeli cyber-surveillance firm NSO Group in federal court in San Francisco claiming the company’s spy technology was used on the popular messaging service in a wide-ranging campaign targeting journalists and human-rights activists.

    • The Pegasus method