03 Nov, 2019

  • Green Urban Mobility Scheme 2017 - Polity and Governance
  • Telecom Sector under stress - Economy
  • Whole Genome Sequencing and IndiGen Project - Science and Technology
  • CERT-IN and Cyber Security Measures - Security
  • Shanghai Cooperation Organisation - Ref
  • Voluntary Code of Ethics for Social Media- Ref
  • Practice Questions

Prelims Quiz


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    Why is the telecom sector under stress?

    In a big blow to the Telecom sector, Supreme Court upheld the DoT’s definition of Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR).This effectively has exasperated the already distress telecom sector, on account of high debt (to the tune of 7 Lakh Crores), as it now needs to pay around 1.4 Lakh Crores to government including penalty and interest on penalty on pending AGR dues.

    • What is Adjusted Gross Revenue?
    • Implications of the decision
    • Way Forward
    • Crisis in the Telecom Sector


    ‘WhatsApp’s disclosure to CERT-IN lost in jargon’

    Recently, it was reported in the media that WhatsApp has been used to spy on journalists and human rights activists in India. The surveillance was carried out through a spyware known as Pegasus.

    • About CERT-IN
    • Cyber Security Measures undertaken by the Government


    Sequencing Indian genes

    The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) has recently concluded the “IndiGen” Project. This project aims at carrying out the Whole Genome Sequencing of 1,008 Indians from different populations across the country.

    • Understanding the Basics of DNA, Genes and Chromosomes
    • What is Whole Genome Sequencing?
    • About Indigen Project
    • Significance of the initiative
    • Examples of Global Efforts


    Germany to invest €1 bn for green urban mobility  

    • Urban Green Mobility