10 Nov, 2019

  • Understanding the Ayodhya Verdict - Polity and Governance
  • Anti-Microbial Resistance and Superbugs - Science &andtechnology
  • Tiger Conservation gets a boost in AP - Environment
  • Meghalaya Rainforests - Environment
  • Decline in MMR- Reference - Social Issues
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    Temple at disputed site, Mosque within Ayodhya, rules SC

    In a landmark judgment the 5-judge bench of the SC has put an end to the longest and most contentious political and socio-religious battle in the history of India. True to its nature the apex court in its verdict in the Ayodhya title dispute case has upheld the secular ethos of our Constitution that envisages equality of all forms of belief, worship and prayer.

    • Ayodhya Verdict
    • Background
    • How the Court has upheld the Secular Ethos?
    • Application of Article 142


    Tiger Conservation gets a boost in AP

    This article highlights that because of the concerted efforts undertaken by the Tiger Conservation Foundation (TCF), the number of tigers in the Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve (NSTR) in Andhra Pradesh has gone up.

    • Tiger Conservation Foundation (TCF)
    • Nagarjunasagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve (NSTR)
    • Andhra Pradesh


    Meghalayan rainforests similar to equatorial ones

    A recent study has discovered that the rain forest found in the north eastern state of Meghalaya are very similar to tropical rain forest. It is also reported that these forests are the northernmost rainforest forest in the world and is similar to structure and diversity to the other rainforest found near the equator.

    • Findings of the study
    • More about rainforests
    • Major Rainforest areas of the world
    • What Role Do Rainforests Play in Ecology and the Environment?
    • Why Are Earth's Rainforests Disappearing?


    Superbug crisis: Are doctors to blame?

    The article highlights about superbugs which have caused Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) because of irrational use of antibiotics by humans.

    • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
    • Superbugs
    • Antibiotic stewardship
    • Chennai Declaration