12 Nov, 2019

  • 2019 Mains Question discussion - Basic Structure
  • T N Seshan - Ethics
  • Digital Divide - Economy
  • Traditional rainwater harvesting structures - Environment
  • Sambhar Lake - Environment
  • Index of Industrial Production - IIP - Economy
  • Practice Question

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    Mains Answer Discussion – 2019

    “Parliament’s power to amend the constitution is a limited power and it cannot be enlarged into absolute power”. In the light of this statement explain whether parliament under article 368 of the constitution can destroy the Basic structure of the constitution by expanding its amending power? (15 marks)

    • Amending power of Parliament
    • Article 368
    • Kesavananda Bharati Judgment
    • Basic Structure Doctrine
    • Shankari Prasad Judgment
    • Golaknath Judgment
    • Minerva Mills
    • Judicial Review
    • Constitution 1st, 7th, 24th Amendment
    • Constituent power of Parliament


    Suranga Bawadi enters World Monument Watch list

    Suranga Bawadi, an underground water supply tunnel of the 16th century Adil Shahi rulers of Bijapur, has been included in the World Monument Watch list. Accordingly Suranga Bawadi will receive funds for restoration by World Monuments Fund. World Monuments Fund is a New York-based NGO that monitors restoration of ancient monuments across the globe.

    • Suranga Bawadi
    • World Monument Watch list
    • World Monuments Fund
    • Karez System
    • Traditional water-harvesting systems of India


    Kerala’s plan for free internet (Editorial)

    It is important to understand why Internet has become the most important infrastructure in eliminating poverty:

    • Lack of internet constrains access
    • Digital Divide
    • Digital Inequality
    • Lack of freedom of speech
    • Social capital
    • Economic disparity
    • Situation of Internet access in India


    Seshan redeemed the autonomy of EC

    T.N. Seshan was 10th CEC from 1990 to 1996. He was known for Electoral Reforms in India so much so that the history of Election Commission is divided into Pre-Sheshan and Post-Sheshan era.

    • Autonomy of Election Commission
    • Electoral Reforms during Sheshan’s tenure
    • Strict enforcement of Model Code of Conduct
    • Introduction of EPIC: Elector’s Photo Identity Card


    IIP shrinks by 4.3% to lowest in 8 years 

    Industrial activity in September contracted sharply by 4.3%, driven by major slowdowns in the capital goods, mining, and manufacturing sectors.

    • Index of Industrial Production (IIP) in September
    • What is IIP?
    • Who calculates IIP?
    • Categorization of IIP
    • Use-based Classification
    • Importance of IIP