20 Nov, 2019

  • Mob Lynching - Social Issues
  • Naxalism - Internal Security
  • Shimla Agreement 1972 - International Relations
  • Public Education - Social Issues
  • NATGRID Project - Internal Security
  • Practice Questions

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    Network for intel agencies to share info will go live next year

    In a reply to a question in the Lok Sabha, the government has said that the NATGRID is all set to go live by 2020.

    • What is NATGRID?
    • Backdrop


    The threat to the idea of a public university

    In the backdrop of recent protest in Jawaharlal Nehru University on increasing hostel fees, this article mentions that increasing the cost of education actually deprives students from economically weaker sections of the society and thereby are not able to move up the social and economic order. So, let us go through the views highlighted in the article about education system.   

    • Education: Egalitarianism to Commodification
    • Alternate Voice & Politicization of Education
    • Saving Public Universities


    Maoist held in Coimbatore associated with armed wing

    The recent arrest of a member of People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army of CPI (Maoist) near a forest in Coimbatore has raised eyebrows over spread of Maoism in hitherto untouched territories down south.

    • Naxalism
    • The name and the origin
    • The ideology
    • Reality


    Anti-lynching Bills being examined, says Centre

    The anti-lynching Bills passed by the Rajasthan and Manipur Assemblies were still being examined and are yet to get the President’s consent.

    • In Focus: Mob Lynching
    • Why is controlling mob violence so difficult
    • Impacts of mob lynching
    • Steps taken by the state of India


    A lost opportunity in 1971

    This article revisits Shimla Agreement which was signed in the aftermath of India Pakistan war in 1971.