15 Dec, 2019

  • Abuse of dominant market Position by Technological Giants (FAQ) - Indian Economy
  • Cleaning of River Ganga- Institutional Mechanism and Challenges - Environment
  • Issues in Fixing the Prices of Pharmaceutical Drugs- DPCO 2013 - Indian Economy
  • Success of UPI and its reasons - Indian Economy
  • NASA’s OSIRIS-Rex Mission - Science & Technology
  • Cheetah Re-introduction Project (Sunday Magazine) - Environment
  • Evidence of Ancient River Saraswati - Indian History
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    Tech titans under watch

    In the recent past a number of investigations have been initiated, by the regulatory agencies particularly in the US, against the tech giants Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple over practices that amounts to anti-competitive behaviour. These investigations may be clubbed under an over-arching term ‘anti-trust regulations’.

    • Concepts
    • Free Market Economy
    • Antitrust Regulations
    • Anti-trust regulations of Big Tech
    • Recent cases
    • Anti-trust law in India


    Samples from Bennu

    NASA has chosen a target landing site in the northern hemisphere of the asteroid Bennu for collecting samples as a part of its planetary science mission OSIRIS-REx that was launched in 2016. The target site that has been shortlisted is called Nightingale site. There are 3 other sites from which the sample will be collected namely Osprey, Sandpiper and Kingfisher.

    • Context
    • OSIRIS-Rex
    • In brief: Asteroids
    • Similar Missions


    How India lost its spots?

    In the recent UNCCD COP 14 (United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification), held in Delhi in September 2019, a researcher from India pronounced desertification as the primary cause of the extinction of the cheetah in India. This has reinvigorated debate around Cheetah extinction and slow progress of Cheetah Reintroduction project that was initiated in 2009.

    • About Cheetah
    • Habitat
    • Distribution
    • Reasons for extinction of Cheetah
    • Cheetah Reintroduction
    • Challenges in re-introduction of Cheetah


    Evidence of river Saraswati’s existence found?

    A study by Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, and IIT Bombay, has shown that the ancient counterpart of modern Ghaggar River was a perennial river, fed by glacial rivers in the past. This reaffirms the belief that the focus of Early Harappan civilization was not the Indus but the Saraswati River and its tributaries which flowed between the Indus and the Ganga. A number of researchers for this reason call Indus Valley Civilization as Indus-Saraswati civilization

    • Background


    NPPA hikes ceiling price of 12 essential medicines

    Drug Price Control Orders (DPCO) are issued by the Government in exercise of the powers conferred under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955, for enabling the Government to declare a ceiling price for lifesaving medicines so as to ensure that these medicines are available at a reasonable price to the general public.


    Google wants US Fed to follow India’s UPI example



    1. Modi chairs first meeting of Ganga council

    Prime Minister ShriNarendraModi chaired the first meeting of the National Ganga Council in Kanpur.

    • National Ganga Council
    • National Mission for Clean Ganga(NMCG)
    • NamamiGange
    • Clean Ganga Fund