20 Dec, 2019

  • Disinvestment of BPCL - Economy
  • Black Money Act 2015 - Analysis - Economy
  • Section 144 - Polity
  • Mattala Airport (Revision) - International Relations
  • Open Market Operations - Economy
  • Practice Questions

Prelims Quiz


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    Should the government exit navratna companies?

    Government has recently approved the sale of its complete stake in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited which is a Maharatna company.

    • Categorization Of PSUs
    • Criteria for grant of Maharatna status
    • Arguments against Disinvestment of BPCL


    Section 144, a vestige of colonial rule 

    In the backdrop of invocation of section 144 Cr.PC in many parts of the country amid protest, this article highlights that this provision of criminal law is a legacy of British which we continue to practice even in modern times.

    • Who is empowered?
    • What can the magistrate do?
    • Can they prevent assembly of people?
    • What is the Maximum Tenure of Section 144?
    • Rescinding of section 144 – By Magistrate & by any applicant
    • Court rulings on Section 144
    • Does Section 144 provide for communications blockades too?


    Inaccurate diagnosis, draconian remedy

    According to the author the Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act, 2015 (Blank Money Act) has failed to bring back the black money stashed in foreign countries anywhere close to the expectations primarily due to gross misdiagnosis of the problem.

    • What is Black Money Act? Why was it passed?
    • Failure of the Act
    • Way Forward


    RBI to conduct ‘Operation Twist’ to manage yields on Dec. 23

    Similar to US Federal Bank’s ‘Operation Twist’, RBI will conduct an Open Market Operation (OMO) to manage the yield rates of the government securities. Normally OMO is done in order to manage liquidity in the medium term. Since it is now being done to tweak the cost of borrowing instead of liquidity, it is called as ‘Operation Twist’.

    • About Open market Operations


    ‘Sri Lanka will develop Mattala airport’

    Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has declared that the Mattala airport which is near the strategic Hambantota port will be operated by Sri Lanka and not jointly with India.

    • Background