23 Dec, 2019

  • Inflation Targeting: Concept, Benefits and Problems - Indian Economy
  • Breakdown in the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism - Indian Economy
  • India and Iran to accelerate development of Chabahar Port - International Relations
  • Micro plastic Pollution: Study of National Institute of Oceanography - Environment
  • Railway unveil new Signalling system - Science & Technology
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    New Signaling System for Railways

    Indian Railway will soon implement the automatic signaling system on a pilot basis in 4 of the busiest sections in the Indian Railway network. This system of signaling is based on automatic radio communication between train and the approaching station.

    • About Automatic Signaling System
    • How does it work?
    • Impact


    More plastic pollution on Maharashtra beaches than Karnataka, Goa: study

    A study titled ‘Assessment of macro and micro plastics along the west coast of India: abundance, distribution, polymer type and toxicity’ has been published by National Institute of Oceanography which highlights the higher abundance of Plastic pollution in Maharshtra beach as compared to the Goa and Karnatakka beach. The study has blamed plastic industries located near the shore and increased tourism activities for the pollution.

    • NIO National Institute of Oceanography (NIO)
    • Microplastics
    • What are Microplastics
    • What is Classification of Microplastics?
    • What are some sources of Micro plastics?
    • What are potential effects on the environment
    • Where microplastics can be found


    Counter-cyclical steps, structural reforms needed to tackle slowdown   

    In the interview of Mr Shantikanta Das structural reforms needed for tackling the slowdown has been highlighted. For this inflation targeting is being discussed as a measure.

    • What is Inflation Targeting?
    • Benefits of Inflation Targeting
    • Problems and Challenges with Inflation Targeting
    • Way Forward


    Ironing out the wrinkles in trade disputes adjudication

    After December 10, 2019, the World Trade Organisation will no longer be able to fulfil its mandated role as the arbiter of global trade disputes. The WTO’s appellate body is set to lose two judges, who finish their terms on December 10, leaving the panel with just one member. The US Government has blocked new appointments to the appellate body, claiming it has overstepped its mandate. The US has also threatened to block the WTO’s budget, which could force the  WTO to entirely shut down on January 1, 2020. In this regard, let us understand this issue in detail.

    • Understand the Dispute Settlement Mechanism of the WTO
    • What is the present controversy?
    • How can it impact the WTO?


    India and Iran agree to accelerate Chabahar port development

    At present India is developing this Chabahar Port of Iran. India was first offered to develop this port by Iran in the year 2003 during the visit of President Mohammad Khatami. India did take up this proposal but for around 12 years since then no major decision was taken for developing this port. This was due to international sanctions on Iran. It was only in the second half of 2014, after the start of a new government in Delhi, that some efforts were made for the development of this port. India’s NDA-led government approved an initial investment of USD 85.21 million for developing the port.

    • Gateway to Central Asia and beyond
    • Trading with Afghanistan
    • Strategic Importance
    • Challenges