27 Dec, 2019

  • Issues with Data Protection Bill - Polity and Governance
  • Annual Solar Eclipse - Science
  • Reforms in Railways - Economy
  • Locust Attack - Economy- Agriculture
  • Practice Question 1 - Typhoon Phanfone - Geography
  • Practice Question 2 - Dedicated Freight Corridor

Prelims Quiz


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    The data protection Bill only weakens user rights 

    The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 is heavily tilted towards security and revenue generation of the state rather than Right to Privacy that is the basic reason for a data protection regime

    • Issues with the bill
    • Problem


    Ring of Fire  

    Different countries in Asia including India witnessed the last annual solar eclipse of this year and decade on 26 December

    • What is an eclipse?
    • Conditions for Eclipses
    • Types of Eclipses
    • Annular Solar Eclipses


    Revamp of Railway fares likely

    The Union cabinet is mulling the next set of reforms in railways including rationalization of fares and organization restructuring.

    • Problems with the Indian Railways
    • How to address these problems?
    • Unification of cadres
    • Downsizing railway board


    Gujarat battles locust swarms with pesticides

    Gigantic swarms of locusts have descended on parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan destroying crops. Some10 swarms have entered Rajasthan since May, but the current crisis is most acute in Gujarat that began coming into Gujarat from October onward.

    • About locusts
    • Locust Plagues
    • Steps to arrest