06 Jan, 2020

  • Iraqi MP vote to expel US troops - International Relations
  • Scoring a foreign policy self goal - Article - International Relations
  • Spotting an opportunity in changing fundamentals - Article - Economy
  • Iran dumps nuclear pact, says it won't respect limits - International Relations
  • Karnataka's Challakere to be ISRO's astronaut training hub - Science & Technology
  • Practice Question - Discussed topics on Saras aircraft (Pg. 9) & Bibi ka Maqbara (Pg.7)

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    Iraqi MPs vote to expel U.S. troops                                                             

    In an extraordinary parliamentary session on Sunday in Iraq, its parliament has passed a resolution whereby it has called its government to end all foreign troop presence in Iraq

    • Implications


    Scoring a Foreign Policy Self Goal                                                                  

    The article takes its cue from article published on 2nd January titled “New Worry of Depleting Diplomatic Capital”. The author says that recent domestic move of Indian government on Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA) and Jammu and Kashmir might have international fallout and India may start losing political support at various international quarters. Thus, the government seems more interested in domestic political gains at the cost of international political fallout.   

    • International fallouts
    • Global expectations


    Spotting an Opportunity in changing fundamentals                                 

    This article highlights the axis of USA-China-India amid increasing chasm between China and US on one hand and developing ties between US & India on the other hand to balance the growth of China. The author ends up arguing that an upward trajectory in India-U.S. relations coincides with US China rivalry. In this article, the author has highlighted myriad fronts of co-operation and rivalry between US-China-India amid changing international situations.

    • Phase One Trade Deal between China & US
    • Going beyond Trade
    • Energy Concerns – China – Iran – US - India
    • On Technology
    • On Regional Connectivity
    • Warfare – US-China-India


    Challakere to ISRO's astronaut training hub.                                            

    As India is planning to Indian into the space through Ggaganyaan project, it has also planned to set up a world class facility for training astronauts

    • Need for such a facility


    Iran dumps nuclear pact, says it won’t respect limits

    Iran’s state television reported that the country will no longer abide by any of the limits set under the nuclear deal signed with six major powers in 2015

    • Iran Nuclear deal / Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.