10 Jan, 2020

  • Pyrolysis - Science & Technology
  • Declare Goa sanctuaries as Tiger Reserves: Activists - Environment
  • Panel approves scheme to trade in forest - Environment
  • U.P. tops lists in crime against women - Social Issues
  • What is the state of 'Open Source' in India today? (Article)
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    Declare Goa sanctuaries as “tiger reserves”: Activists

    Activists and politicians from Goa have demanded that certain areas in wildlife sanctuaries of the state be notified as “Tiger Reserves”

    • Dandeli Anchi Tiger reserves 
    • Kali river 
    • NTCA Functions and roles 
    • TIger conservation Plan 


     Find out whether automated plants can address pollution

    The NGT has directed the CPCB to carry out a study within four months to ascertain whether advance batch automated plants can address pollution caused due to burning of waste tyres in pyrolysis industries.

    • Pyrolysis 
    • its various products 


    U.P tops list in crimes against women

    The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) published the annual Crime in India Report 2018 on Wednesday. It was published with provisional data, as five States — West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Sikkim — did not send clarifications sought by the NCRB despite repeated reminders.

    • Crimes against women
    • Suicides report


     Panel Approves scheme to “trade” in forests

    The Forest Advisory Committee, has approved a scheme that could allow “forests” to be traded as a commodity. If implemented, it allows the Forest Department to outsource one of its responsibilities of reforesting to non-government agencies    

    • Net Present Value 
    • Green credit Scheme 


    What is the state of “open source” in India today?

    This interview highlights about Open Source Movement in India which has focused on democratizing technology access and its relevance to digital technology, privacy, and software patenting.

    • Some Important Terms
    • Open source software
    • About Open Source Software Movement
    • Propriety Software
    • Need for Open Source in early 2000
    • Diversity, Choice & Delay
    • Development of OS
    • Removing fear of technology from people’s mind
    • Debates around Software Patenting
    • Concerns on Data