15 Jan, 2020

  • Kerala Govt. challenges CAA - Article 131 & 256 - Polity & Governance
  • Hallmarking made must for Gold Jewellery - Economy & Polity
  • Theological Thicker - Article 25 & 26 - Editorial - Polity & Governance
  • The long wait for empowered Mayors - Lead Article - Polity & Governance
  • The risk of a Domino Effect - Article - International Relations
  • Chalk & Cheese in private v govt schools - Article; ASER flags poor learning outcomes in rural schools - Social Issues
  • CRZ rules eased for 'Blue Flag' beaches - Environment
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    Kerala govt. challenges CAA in SC

    Kerala became the first State to challenge the constitutionality of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), 2019, in the Supreme Court.

    • Background
    • Kerala’s contention


    Hallmarking must for gold jewellery

    Government has made hallmarking for gold jewellery and artifacts mandatory.  Compulsory hallmarking is necessary to ensure consumers are not cheated while buying gold ornaments and get the purity as marked on the ornaments.

    • BIS Identification Mark
    • What is Hallmarking?
    • Objectives of Hallmarking
    • Who does Hallmarking in India?
    • How the Hallmarking is done?
    • Components of Hallmarking
    • Is Gold Hallmarking Mandatory?
    • About Bureau of Indian Standards
    • Important Schemes of BIS


    The long wait for empowered mayors

    As Indian cities grow in number and size, the pressure for better urban governance increases. However, Indian urban governance in its current form is fraught with inefficiency and mismanagement. According to new research, this is a result of the restricted executive powers mayors of Indian cities enjoy.

    • About Mayors in Urban India
    • Need for a directly elected Mayors for cities


    Theological Thicket

    The 9-judge bench of the Supreme Court is set give an authoritative pronouncement on the nature of religious freedom under Indian constitution.


    The risk of a domino effect

    This article explains as to how US-Iran conflict can cause problems for Lebanon and Iraq.

    • Consequences for Lebanon
    • Consequences for Iraq


    CRZ rules eased for ‘Blue Flag’ beaches

    The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change has relaxed the Coastal Regulation Zone rules in certain beaches to allow infrastructure creation that will enable them to compete for ‘Blue Flag’ certification.

    • Context
    • About Blue Flag Certification
    • Criteria
    • India’s efforts
    • About Foundation for Environmental Education

    Chalk and cheese in private vs. government schools  + Annual Status of Education Report flags poor learning outcomes in schools

    The Annual Survey of Education Report 2019 was released by Pratham, an NGO working in the education sector.

    • About ASER 2019
    • Key Highlights
    • Learning Levels
    • Key observation
    • Way forward