UPSC Prelims 2020 Practice MCQs from Current Affairs and Static Rau's IAS

  • What is Prelims Target 2020?
  • How questions will be framed?
  • Schedule

‘RAU’S IAS Target Prelims 2020’ LIMITED weekly series. There are roughly 20 weeks to go before you face the Prelims on 31st May 2020 and it is time to STRATEGIZE and STEP-UP your prep. It is time to start:

1. REVISING, and

2. Methodically attempting PRELIMS TESTS


The purpose of our ‘Target Prelims 2020’ weekly series is to help you get started on both the above and guide you on your path to Prelims 2020.




Let us first clarify how this Target Prelims 2020 will work for you. There will be weekly discussion of prelims specific question. These discussions will be divided into two parts:


Part-1 will be related to attempting the questions from the most important themes of current affairs from a specific month. In the coming two weeks, we will discuss 20 most important topics from the prelims perspective from the month of July-2019. These questions are devised on the basis of what the trend has been in the last 10 in the UPSC prelims exam. We would like to highlight that these questions will have a very close semblance to the previous years’ question of the UPSC prelims exam.


For the Part-2 of the video we will pick a Subject/theme which will continue for 4 weeks. From this theme we discuss most important questions from the core part of the subject. This week’s theme is Indian Polity and Governance. We will handpick most important topics which UPSC has selected in the last 10 years for making questions. This will help you in understanding how UPSC frames question and what is more important from the perspective of the exam. You may use standard reference books to prepare for the core (static) part of the syllabus.


There will be 10 questions in both the parts and hence, we will be discussing 20 questions per week.


In this fashion we will be discussing 80 questions in a month and these will help you understand how well you have prepared a topic and how well you are geared to take up the prelims exam.


At the same time, we understand that 80 MCQs per theme will not be enough for thorough revision and practice. But enough to get you started and give you a bird’s eye view about how to prepare yourself for the exam. For more practice and comprehensive revision, you may subscribe to our:


A) Prelims Test Series - which comprises 61 tests (there are current affairs tests + theme wise multiple Topic wise tests for in depth coverage, thematic tests for revision and FLTs for UPSC simulation), and


B) Prelims Compass – revision study material which covers all important topics from all themes of the syllabus and some more practice questions.


C) Focus Magazine – It is the monthly compilation of important current affairs from the perspective of the civil services examination. The magazine provides in-depth understanding of various issues which are important from the civil services perspective.


D) Daily News Simplified (DNS) – It is a tool to understand and analyse important news from The Hindu newspaper on a daily basis. DNS hand picks important news on the basis of syllabus of the exam and previous years questions and presents a complete picture for the civil services aspirants.