27 Jan, 2020

  • Four stages of constitutional interpretation (Article) - Polity
  • Hypersonic Glide Vehicle - Avangard (Article) - Science
  • Oslo Accord 1993 - I.R
  • Financial Action Task Force (Article) - I.R
  • MGNREGA - Issues and achievements - Economy
  • Practice Question

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    The Hype over hypersonics                                                                                                

    The Avangard is a nuclear-capable, hypersonic boost-glide vehicle which has been recently deployed by Russia. The missile is capable of hitting target in excess of 6000 km and can travel at a speed of 20 Mach (20 times the speed of sound). The missile is capable of carrying nuclear or conventional payloads. Another very notable feature of the missile is that it can be manoeuvred as well and this makes the Avangard unstoppable.


    • What is a hypersonic weapon?
    • Hypersonic glide vehicles. How it works?
    • Why this is an important event?


    The four Phases of constitutional interpretation                                          

    The article highlights the way in which Judiciary has interpreted the Constitution of India over the last 70 years since the constitution came into force on 26th January 1950

    • Phase I: Textbook Interpretation
    • Phase II: Focus on overall structure and essence of the Constitution
    • Phase III: Panchayati Eclecticism
    • Phase IV: Focus on purpose of constitution


    Black and grey              

    Recently the Asia-Pacific Group of FATF in Beijing cleared Pakistan on 14 out 27 action plans prescribed last year when it was grey-listed by FATF plenary in October 2019.

    Accordingly Pakistan is most likely to escape blacklisting in FATF plenary to be held in February this year            

    • About FATF
    • Grey List – Pakistan
    • Reasons for softening of stand
    • What next?


    Fund crunch hits MGNREGA scheme                                                            

    The Centre is on the verge of running out of funds for the crucial Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) scheme.

    More than 96% of the allocated money has already been spent or is needed to pay pending dues, with less than ₹2,500 crore left to sustain the scheme for the next two months.

    • Various issues being faced in the implementation of this scheme:


    Palestinians threaten to quit Oslo Accords                                         

    Palestinians hyave threatened to quit Oslo accord 1993 if trump announces West Asia plan

    • About Oslo Accord