31 Jan, 2020

  • Environmental Flow Norms for Ganga - Environment and Ecology
  • Artificial Ripening of fruits - General Science
  • Brexit - International Issues
  • Practice Questions

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    Use of chemicals to ripen fruits amounts to poisoning consumers

    The Delhi High Court has observed that use of pesticides and chemicals to ripen fruits amounts to poisoning the consumer, while noting that invoking penal provisions against the culprits would have a deterrent effect. 

    • Artificial Ripening
    • Artificial Ripening using Calcium Carbide
    • Problems with Artificial Ripening


    Four hydro projects violate Ganga flow norms: CWC

    4 of the 11 hydropower projects along the upper reaches of Ganga are violating the e-flow norms prescribed by CWC.

    • Background: E-Flow specifications for Ganga
    • From its origins to Haridwar
    • From Haridwar in Uttarakhand to Unnao, Uttar Pradesh
    • What is E-flow?
    • Brisbane Declaration and Global Action Agenda on Environmental Flows (2018)
    • About River Ganga