12 Feb, 2020

  • Delhi's Education Model (Article) - polity
  • Lokpal - Need and issues in implementation (Article) - Polity
  • Manual Scavenging - Social Justice
  • Gig Economy - economy
  • Bill to amend ST list - polity
  • India - Srilanka Relations (Reference)
  • US - India Investment Issue (reference)
  • Practice Questions

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    Six years on, lok pal still a non-starter

    Even 7 years after the passage of Lokpal Act, it is yet to be implemented in the manner it was envisioned.

    • Issues related to implementation of lok Pal

    Bill to include more tribes in ST category

    The Lok Sabha has a constitution amendment bill to provide the ST category status to Siddhi, Parivara and Talawara communities of Karnataka

    • Who is a Scheduled Tribe?

    The Delhi Model of Education

    The article discusses the key components of the successful Delhi Education Model that can be replicated at the national level.

    Cleaning of drains and septic tanks claims 110 lives in 2019

    According to data by Ministry of Social Justice, there is increase in the number of deaths during cleaning sewers and septic tanks from 68 in 2018 to 110 in 2019.

    • Background
    • National Survey of Manual Scavengers
    • Legal Provisions
    • Initiatives by the government and way forward


    Can the gig economy address the issue of gender pay gap?

    • What is Gig Economy?
    • Gig Economy in India
    • Reasons for the development of Gig Economy
    • Why should India focus on development of Gig Economy?
    • Concerns/challenges

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