14 Feb, 2020

  • Medical Devices Amendment Rules 2020 - Polity
  • USTR removes India from Developing Countries list - Economy
  • Konark Sun temple - Art & Culture
  • The Future of Earth report 2020 - Env
  • Towards a new world order ( Article) - Economy
  • Publish criminal history of candidates - SC - Polity
  • Practice Questions

Prelims Quiz


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     Govt. notifies medical devices as drugs

    • Medical devices regulation in India: A backgrounder
    • Drugs and Cosmetic Act
    • Need for regulating medical devices
    • Safety and efficacy
    • rowing market
    • Single-window regulatory regime
    • Concerns
    • Way forward


    USTR takes India off developing country list

    • USTR Amends Regulations for Developing and Least Developing Countries
    • Criteria for classification
    • Per Capita GNI
    • Share of World Trade
    • Impact of the move
    • WTO criteria for developing countries
    • Income groups According to the World Bank


    Experts meets to discuss restoration of Sun Temple

    • History
    • Architecture


    The time is running out to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

    • It lists five global risks which are threatening the planet
    • The failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation
    • Extreme weather events
    • Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse
    • Food Crisis
    • Water Crisis


    Towards new world order

    • Why there is discussion on new world order?
    • Social inequalities and stark and continuing poverty
    • Untenability of capitalism as a concept
    • ‘Energy imperialism’
    • Toxic colonialism
    • Unsustainable energy consumption
    • Unequal distribution of the ‘fruits of globalisation’
    • Nordic Economic Model – a model to emulate
    • Important feature of their development model
    • Taking the Nordic model as a template, there are some ingredients that could be part of a new ‘enlightened global order’.
    • Global consensus is required to bring such changes.


    Publish criminal history of candidates, SC order parties

    • Supreme Courts Stand on Criminal Record of legislators.

    BHARATHIRAJA V 1 month ago

    question 1 ,as of now the bill is not passed,then how option c is correct?

    BHARATHIRAJA V 1 month ago

    question 1 ,as of now the bill is not passed,then how option c is correct?