1 Mar, 2020

  • US Strikes a deal with Taliban to end 18-year long Afghan War - International Relations
  • PM Modi launches 10,000 Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) - Indian Economy
  • Astronomers discover 17 new planets - Science & Technology
  • Presence of Colistin resistant bacteria of food origin in gut - Science & Technology
  • Bringing back Cheetahs will be a big challenge - LACONES - Environment
  • National Population Register (FAQ) - Reference - Polity & Governance
  • Why is COVID-19 not a pandemic yet? (FAQ)- Reference - Science & technology
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    Bringing cheetahs will be a big challenge


    • Recently the Supreme Court cleared the way for Cheetah Reintroduction in India.
    • The plan is to introduce African Cheetahs in Kuno-Palpur Wildlife Sanctuary under the aegis of NTCA.
    • Ever since plan of reintroduction is debated across the policy circles including the recent COP13 of CMS held in Gujarat.
    • Now a scientist from LaCONES has highlighted the challenges likely to be faced.
    • Challenges
    • LaCONES
    • Achievements of LaCONES


    Presence of colistin-resistant bacteria of food origin in the gut is cause for worry

    Context – Accordingly to new study the origin and spread of colistin resistant bacteria in human gut is majorly on account of poultry.

    What is Colistin?

    • Colistin-Resistance in Bacteria
    • How resistance is spread?
    • Significance of the study


    Astronomers discover 17 new planets &Habitable planet

    Context – Astronomers have discovered 17 new planets out of which 1 is a potentially habitable one based on data gathered by Kepler Space Telescope. Besides Scientists are also studying the exoplanet K2-18b a super earth that was discovered by Kepler mission.

    • About Kepler Mission
    • Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS)
    • About Exoplanets
    • Major achievements of Kepler mission


    All benefits reaching right persons: PM

    • What is Farmers Producer Organisation (FPO)?
    • How FPCs benefit small and marginal farmers?
    • Genesis of FPCs in India
    • Initiatives for the Promotion of FPOs in India
    • Challenges and Issues in Building Robust FPCs
    • Lack of Professional Management of FPCs
    • Poor Financial Resources
    • Inadequate Access to credit
    • Inadequate Access to Infrastructure
    • Lack of technical Skills/ Awareness
    • Way Forward


    US strikes a deal with Taliban to end 18-year long Afghan war (The Hindu Pg. No. 01)

    In a much-anticipated move, the US has finally signed the peace deal with Taliban paving the way for withdrawal of US troops and beginning of an intra-Afghan peace process.

    • Background
    • About the Draft Agreement:
    • Concern for India: Threat to regional security
    • India’s stand
    • Why Afghanistan is important to India?