15 Mar, 2020

  • Is the global economy headed for recession - FAQ, COVID-19 hurts textile exports - Economy
  • How does soap use help in tackling COVID-19 - FAQ - Science & Technology
  • MP's panel concerned at Defence fund shortfall - Security
  • Yes Bank & AT1 Bonds - FAQ - Economy
  • Practice Questions (i) SIRT1 Gene (ii) Superhydrophobic coating

Prelims Quiz


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    MP’s panel concerned at Defence fund shortfall


    • There is a widening gap between projections and allocations in the outlay for the defence sector and this in turn has negatively impacted the modernization of defence forces.
    • Causes of problems:
      • Low budgetary allocation:
      • Result of low allocation
    • The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence (SCOD)


    Economic impact of COVID-19

    COVID-19 hurts Textile exports


    • This article highlights the impact on global economy if the stain of COVID-19 Virus stays in the atmosphere for long. The virus has disrupted India’s supply chain thereby impacting its economy. Let us understand viewpoint of this article.
    • Is there a chance of global economy slipping into recession?
    • Why are the impacts on textile and clothing exporters in India?
    • Does breaking of supply chain effect global economy?
    • Which industries have been impacted?
    • Is there a silver lining at all?


    Coronavirus | How does soap use help in tackling COVID-19?


    • As the number of Covid-19 cases have passed 1.5 lakh globally with more than 5,760 deaths, various measures have been mentioned to reduce the risk of infection.
    • What does WHO guidelines say?
    • How does washing with soap help get rid of the coronavirus?
    • What is the mechanism though which sopas destroy the Virus?
    • Do all viruses have the lipid layer?
    • How do alcohol-based hand sanitisers help get rid of coronavirus?
    • But is there a comparison between both of them?


    Yes banks and Bonds


    • AT1 bonds, also known as Additional Tier 1 bonds, are unsecured perpetual bonds issued by banks to shore up their capital base to meet Basel III requirements.
    • Basel III Norms
    • RBI’s version on Basel III Norms
    • Why are AT1 bonds ‘perpetual’?
    • Can AT1 Bonds be written off completely?
    • When can interest be not given for AT1 Bonds?
    • How did Retail Investors purchase these AT1 Bonds of Yes Bank?


    TIFR study reveals role of glucose in regulating liver functions, ageing


    • SIRT1 has become hot topic because it has been found to be associated with regulation of metabolic activities and also ageing. 
    • A study by researchers from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai (TIFR) has found that glucose controls the function of SIRT1 directly. 
    • what can be the consequences of such controls?