25 Mar,2020

  • Anti Viral protection of Hand Sanitisers - (Science & Technology)
  • Health preparedness of Indian against COVID-19 (Social issues)
  • Development of Vaccine for COVID-19 - (science & Technology)
  • Administrative measure to be taken to mitigate the shock from COVID-19 - (Polity and Governance)
  • Practice Questions

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    Steps to deal with the economic impact of the lockdown

    • According to estimates the economic impact of lockdown on account of COVID 19 is around Rs. 9 lakh crore or 4% of the GDP. World over according to UNCTAD the economic losses is pegged at $ 1 trillion USD.
    • In order to reduce the impact the PM announced the formation of COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force in his address to the nation on 21st March. In this regard a slew of measures have been announced by the Finance Minister.
    • However the taskforce has not yet been constituted and the economic relief package not yet announced. Let us understand how these measures should be prioritized in Indian context taking hints from a number of articles in the newspaper including the following
    • What has the government done so far?
    • Most important ones are as follows
    • Saving MSMEs
    • Banking
    • Relaxations in tax compliance
    • What is expected of the Economic Package?
    • Focus on Informal Sector
    • Focus on Migrant labour
    • Sector-Specific Measures
    • Food Distribution


    Ironing out wrinkles in India’s pandemic response 

    • The outbreak of CoVID-19 has put significant strain on the healthcare system of the countries across the world. Notably, developed economies with world class health infrastructure such as USA, Italy etc. have been struggling to reduce the mortality rates due to CoVID-19.
    • It is against this backdrop, a number of questions arise- Is India's healthcare system well-equipped to deal with the outbreak of CoVID-19? Do we have adequate number of healthcare professionals to address the needs of patients if CoVID-19 curve increases exponentially instead of flattening? Can India with public health expenditure of only 1.3% of GDP counter CoVID-19?


    ITI, IISER Berhampur join hands to make hand sanitizers

    • How do hand sanitizers work?
    • Basics of Virus
    • Coronaviruses (including COVID-19) do have a lipid membrane that makes up their outer coating.
    • How do hand sanitizers work?
    • Advantages of hand sanitizers –
    • Limitation of hand sanitizers


    The race to find the cure for COVID-19

    This discussion explores how far we have come as far as development of vaccine and drug for Covid-19 is concerned.

    • So why is this happening:
    • Lets track the developments so far in the field of vaccines:
    • The stage 1: Sequencing:
    • Stage 2: Experimental vaccine:
    • While these developments are encouraging, lets understand the challenges:
    • What about medication?