UPSC Prelims 2020 Practice MCQs _ Indian Polity & Constitution _ Part 4 of 4 _ Rau's IAS

  • Freedom
  • Equality
  • Equal protection of law
  • Rights
  • Citizenship
  • Nation
  • Secularism
  • Constitution

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    Prelims Practice MCQs from Political Theory

    5 MCQs from UPSC Previous Years Questions + 8 MCQs for practice

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    Bibek Kumar 8 months ago

     Sir, in PYQs discussion you said a statement that “if there is no law than there is no liberty” than in practice question 1 how can absence of constraints become part of freedom. Absence of constraints means we have no restrictions and than things will be like big fish eating small fish. 
    please clarify 


    and in practice question 8 this website is showing answer is c but it has to be d

    Rau's IAS, Delhi 8 months ago

    Bibek, answer to practice question 8 is (d). We have updated it. 

    Bibek Kumar 8 months ago

    Sir, please reconsider question no. 1 

    thank you